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dc.creatorIlić, Milica
dc.creatorPetkovska, Menka
dc.creatorSeidel-Morgenstern, Andreas
dc.description.abstractThe nonlinear frequency response of a chromatographic column for the adsorption of two dissolved components is analyzed using the concept of higher order frequency response functions (FRFs) which is based on the Volterra series and generalized Fourier transform. By applying this concept a nonlinear model of a system is replaced by an infinite series of the FRFs of the first, second, etc. order. The FRFs up to the third order are derived theoretically starting from the equilibrium-dispersive model, which is used for description of a chromatographic column, and applying the harmonic probing method. The functions that relate outlet concentration changes of each component to the corresponding inlet concentration changes are derived. At the inlet of a chromatographic column, it is considered: (a) the concentration change of one of the components keeping the concentration of the other component constant and (b) the concentration change of both components keeping their ratio constant. The FRFs are calculated numerically for different steady-state concentrations and relative mixture compositions. It has been found that, despite certain differences in initial conditions, the FRFs exhibit similar behavior. For higher frequencies, the amplitudes of the FRFs tend to zero and phases to -infinity. In the low frequency range, which is of interest for investigation of equilibrium parameters, these functions have similar behavior, but tend to different asymptotic values. Correlations between coefficients of competitive adsorption isotherms, i.e. partial isotherm derivatives, and the derived FRFs are established. This theoretical result offers the potential to use the analysis of the nonlinear frequency response of a chromatographic column for estimation of competitive adsorption isotherms.en
dc.publisherSpringer, New York
dc.sourceAdsorption-Journal of the International Adsorption Society
dc.subjectbinary mixtureen
dc.subjectcompetitive adsorption isothermen
dc.subjectnonlinear frequency responseen
dc.subjecthigher order frequency response functionsen
dc.titleTheoretical investigation of the adsorption of a binary mixture in a chromatographic column using the nonlinear frequency response techniqueen
dc.citation.other13(5-6): 541-567

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