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dc.creatorBensmann, Boris
dc.creatorPetkovska, Menka
dc.creatorHanke-Rauschenbach, Richard
dc.creatorVidaković, Tanja
dc.creatorSundmacher, Kai
dc.description.abstractNonlinear frequency response analysis is proven as a powerful tool for the characterization of nonlinear systems. A set of frequency response functions (FRF), which contain different information, is obtained. In a number of cases, the second and higher order FRF corresponding to different kinetic models differ in shape, which enables reliable discrimination and identification of the correct model. The set of FRF can be used to estimate kinetic and equilibrium parameters, including those defining the system nonlinearity. An investigation of the direct methanol fuel cell anode kinetics is used to illustrate the method. This is an abstract of a paper presented at the 18th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering (Prague, Czech Republic 8/24-28/2008).en
dc.publisher18th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering, CHISA 2008
dc.sourceCHISA 2008 - 18th International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering
dc.titleUse of nonlinear frequency response analysis for model discrimination: Example - DMFC anode kineticsen

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