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Primena mikrotalasne tehnike u organskoj hemiji i organskoj hemijskoj tehnologiji

dc.creatorMijin, Dušan
dc.creatorPetrović, Slobodan
dc.description.abstractThe usual way of applying heat to a chemical reaction is the use of a Bunsen burner, an oil or some other type of bath, or an electric heater. In inorganic chemistry, microwave technology has been used since the late 1970s, while it has been implemented in organic chemistry since the mid-1980s. Microwave heating has been used in the food industry for almost fifty years. The shorter reaction times and expanded reaction range that is offered by microwave technology are suited to the increased demands in industry. For example, there is a requirement in the pharmaceutical industry for a higher number of a novel chemical entities to be produced, which requires chemists to employ a number of resources to reduce time for the production of compounds. Also, microwaves are used in the food industry, as well as in the pyrolysis of waste materials, sample preparation, the solvent extraction of natural products and the hydrolysis of proteins and peptides.en
dc.description.abstractMikrotalasna tehnika predstavlja veoma efikasno sredstvo u rukama hemičara i inženjera u obavljanju zadataka sa kojima se sreću u laboratoriji i industriji. Zahvaljujući kontantnom razvoju mikrotalasne opreme i istraživanja, primena mikrotalasa u organskoj hemiji i hemijskoj tehnologiji će i u budućnosti biti od velikog znač
dc.publisherUniverzitet u Nišu - Tehnološki fakultet, Leskovac
dc.sourceZbornik radova Tehnološkog fakulteta, Leskovac
dc.subjectorganic chemistryen
dc.subjectorganic chemical technologyen
dc.subjectmicrowave-assisted synthesisen
dc.subjectorganska hemijasr
dc.subjectorganska hemijska tehnologijasr
dc.subjectmikrotalasna sintezasr
dc.titleMicrowaves in organic chemistry and organic chemical technologyen
dc.titlePrimena mikrotalasne tehnike u organskoj hemiji i organskoj hemijskoj tehnologijisr
dc.citation.other(14): 11-23

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