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Analiza uticaja različitih faktora na emisiju ugljovodonika iz skladišnih rezervoara

dc.creatorJovanović, Ana
dc.creatorJovanović, Mića
dc.creatorPetrović, Slobodan
dc.description.abstractOil refineries and petrochemical industry plants are comprised of a series of complex processes which vary according to processing design, the technology which is utilized, and a number of other factors. Crude oil can be converted into thousands of products such as gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel fuel, and a myriad of other products. Although closed, gas-tight systems are generally used in refinery units, emissions into air and water can not be completely avoided even with careful handling during refining and storage of the crude oil and its products. This is due to the management and control of the process and the properties of the products concerned. The most common emitted substances in air are hydrocarbons. Most hydrocarbon emissions in processing occur in the storage areas, termed "tank farm", i.e., storage tanks for crude, feedstocks, intermediate, and final products. The emissions are the result of the evaporation of stored substances. This paper is about estimation of gaseous emissions from storage tanks in Etilen plant in HIP Petrohemija during 2004. Several emission models were created using software package Tanks 4.0 which is designed to estimate air emission from organic liquids in storage tanks. Starting point for setting up a simulation were meteorogical data, storage tanks data and liquid characteristics. Emission reports for a one - year period were generated. Varying of selected parameters was also carried out and their influence on emission estimation was described. .en
dc.description.abstractU ovom radu je razmatrana zavisnost emisije štetnih materija iz skladišnih rezervoara od promene pojedinih parametara. Opisani su modeli skladišnih rezervoara koji su razvijeni pomoću softverskog paketa Tanks. Polaznu osnovu za formulisanje modela sačinjavali su meteorološki podaci grada Pančeva i podaci o rezervoarima i skladišnim tečnostima fabrike Etilen, HIP Petrohemije, Pančevo iz 2004. godine. Modelovanjem izabranih rezervoara dobijeni su podaci o emisiji na godišnjem nivou. Utvrđeno je koji parametri (meteorološki faktori i karakteristike konstrukcije rezervoara) i na koji način utiču na obim emisije iz rezervoara. .sr
dc.publisherUniverzitet u Nišu - Tehnološki fakultet, Leskovac
dc.sourceZbornik radova Tehnološkog fakulteta, Leskovac
dc.titleAnalysis of different factors effects on emissions of hydrocarbons from petroleum storage tanksen
dc.titleAnaliza uticaja različitih faktora na emisiju ugljovodonika iz skladišnih rezervoarasr
dc.citation.other(16): 310-321

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