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dc.creatorMeđo, Bojan
dc.creatorRakin, M.
dc.creatorGubeljak, Nenad
dc.creatorArsić, Miodrag
dc.creatorSedmak, Aleksandar
dc.description.abstractLocal approach is applied to analysis of ductile fracture in steel welded joints. Welded single-edge notched bend (SENBspecimens with joints containing one or two weld metals are investigated. The Gurson plastic flow criterion is used, and the crack growth is modelled by observing damage in elements in front of the crack tip. The effect of various factors: microstructural parameters, joint width, initial crack length, as well as size and formulation of finite elements in the ligament, is examined. Special consideration is given to the connection between material microstructure and fracture behaviour, and it is found that initial porosity and finite element size that correspond to the microstructural quantities (volume fraction of non-metallic inclusions and mean free path between them, determined using quantitative microstructural analysisgive the most appropriate results. It is concluded that local approach enables estimation of ductile fracture initiation in analysed welded joints, also capturing the constraint effect caused by the different joint widths and effect of material inhomogeneity along the crack front of the joints with two different weld metals.en
dc.publisher18th European Conference on Fracture: Fracture of Materials and Structures from Micro to Macro Scale, ECF 2010
dc.source18th European Conference on Fracture: Fracture of Materials and Structures from Micro to Macro Scale
dc.subjectDuctile fractureen
dc.subjectGurson yield criterionen
dc.subjectLocal approachen
dc.subjectMismatch effecten
dc.subjectWelded jointsen
dc.titleLocal approach to analysis of ductile fracture in welded joints-Influence factorsen

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