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dc.creatorGlišić, Sandra
dc.creatorSkala, Dejan
dc.description.abstractA large interest in research as well as dramatically increased number of scientific papers covering this topic evidently exists. This chapter covers the literature review of biodiesel production under specific conditions (high pressure and high temperature) indicating the permanent trend in the field of biodiesel technology development. It will focus on the following: 1. The problems in design and detailed analyses of energy consumption Until now there have been several papers with the same topic "design of biodiesel production". The first part of this chapter will focus on "design problems" which have not been well explained or analyzed in recently published papers. They will be summarized indicating the best solution for solving specific design problems (application of EOS, thermodynamic properties under high pressure and temperature, degree of conversion, products purity). 2. The best route for reducing the energy consumption On the basis of a realistic approach and performed analyses of energy consumption necessary for methanolysis of vegetable oil performed under different conditions, the best solution will be recommended in the second part of this chapter. 3. Techno-economical analysis of supercritical synthesis On the basis of techno-economical analysis, we will show that biodiesel production at supercritical condition of methanol represents the competitive technology to the homogeneous alkali catalysed alcoholysis today widely used in many industrial plants. Moreover, we will point out that biodiesel production at supercritical alcoholysis has significant advantages regarding impact to the environment because there is no formation of side products (salts, waste water). Furthermore, application of supercritical alcoholysis gives almost the pure products (biodiesel and glycerol) which can be easily separated in the final stage of synthesis which has the main influence on the techno-economical aspect of biodiesel production.en
dc.sourceSupercritical Fluids
dc.titleBiodiesel production: The problems in software design at supercritical and subcritical conditionsen
dc.citation.other: 525-557

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