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      Pad pritiska u pakovanom sloju sferičnih čestica na sobnoj i povišenim temperaturama [1]
      Palladium(II) Complexes with N-Heteroaromatic Bidentate Hydrazone Ligands: The Effect of the Chelate Ring Size and Lipophilicity on in vitro Cytotoxic Activity [1]
      Palladium-copper bimetallic surfaces as electrocatalysts for the ethanol oxidation in an alkaline medium [1]
      Palm oil hydrolysis by lipase from Candida cylindracea immobilized on zeolite type Y [1]
      Parallel glide: Flow of dislocations with internal stress source/sink distribution [1]
      Parametri komfora odevnih tkanina keper prepletaja pre i posle termičkog fiksiranja međupostave [1]
      Particle characterization of polydisperse quartz filtration sand [1]
      Particle velocities in quasi two-dimensional water fluidized beds of spherical particles [1]
      Particle-induced x-ray emission spectrometry of size-fractionated atmospheric aerosols [1]
      Partitioning and purification of cellulases in aqueous two-phase system [1]
      Partitioning of cellulolytic activity in the polyethylene glycol/dextran two-phase systems [1]
      Partitioning of particulate matter and elements of suburban continental aerosols between fine and coarse modes [1]
      Pattern Recognition Methods in Environmental Radioactivity Studies [1]
      Pb(II) removal from aqueous solution by Myriophyllum spicatum and its compost: equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic study [1]
      Pd black decorated by Pt sub-monolayers as an electrocatalyst for the HCOOH oxidation [1]
      Pectin-based nanocomposite aerogels for potential insulated food packaging application [1]
      Pectin-polyvinylpyrrolidone films: A sustainable approach to the development of biobased packaging materials [1]
      Pectin/Carboxymethylcellulose Films as a Potential Food Packaging Material [1]
      Peptides with improved antimicrobial activity screened by membrane ultrafiltration from egg white protein hydrolysates [1]
      Performances of continuous dryer with inert medium fluidized bed [1]