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      Validacija hromatografske analize [1]
      Validation of a novel perfusion bioreactor system in cancer research [1]
      Validation of chromatographic analysis [1]
      Validation of energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence procedure for determination of major and trace elements present in the cement based composites [2]
      Validnost jednačine aproksimacije opšte polarizacione krive za taloženje metala [1]
      Valorizacija galijuma iz kiselog cinkovog luga [1]
      Valorization of corn stover and molasses for enzyme synthesis, lignocellulosic hydrolysis and bioethanol production by Hymenobacter sp. CKS3 [1]
      Valorization of damaged rice grains: Optimization of bioethanol production by waste brewer's yeast using an amylolytic potential from the Paenibacillus chitinolyticus CKS1 [1]
      Valorization of Fly Ash from a Thermal Power Plant for Producing High-Performance Self-Compacting Concrete [1]
      Valorization of gallium from acidic zinc's liquor [1]
      Valorization of lignocellulosic wastes for extracellular enzyme production by novel Basidiomycetes: screening, hydrolysis, and bioethanol production [1]
      Valorization of unexploited artichoke leaves dust for obtaining of extracts rich in natural antioxidants [2]
      Valorization of walnut shell ash as a catalyst for biodiesel production [1]
      Valorizácia prírodných, resp. odpadových produktov pri odstraňovaní farmaceutík z vôd [1]
      Vapor-liquid equilibria of triglycerides-methanol mixtures and their influence on the biodiesel synthesis under supercritical conditions of methanol [1]
      Vapour-liquid equilibrium of the OPLS, optimized potentials for liquid simulations, model for binary systems of alkanes and alkanes + alcohols [1]
      Vatrootporni kompoziti na bazi fosfatnih estara kraft lignina i poliesterske smole - ekološki prihvatljiv materijal za sisteme termičke zaštite raketnih goriva [1]
      Vegetable oil as a feedstock for biodiesel synthesis [1]
      Vegetable oils in textile finishing applications: the action mode of wrinkle-reduction sprays and means for analyzing their performance [1]
      Verification of the Explosive Quality of TH-5 [1]