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      Back to basics: avoiding errors in scientific research and publications [1]
      Bactericidal activity of Cu-, Zn-, and Ag-containing zeolites toward Escherichia coli isolates [1]
      Bactericidal Efficiency of Silver Nanoparticles Deposited onto Radio Frequency Plasma Pretreated Polyester Fabrics [1]
      Ballistic Properties of Hybrid Thermoplastic Composites with Silica Nanoparticles [1]
      Basalt-Polyester Hybrid Composite Materials for Demanding Wear Applications [1]
      Basic principles and applications of photoelectrochemical reactions [1]
      Batch and column adsorption of cations, oxyanions and dyes on a magnetite modified cellulose-based membrane [1]
      Batch and semicontinuous production of L-ascorbyl oleate catalyzed by CALB immobilized onto Purolite (R) MN102 [1]
      Battery type hybrid supercapacitor based on polypyrrole and lead-lead sulfate [1]
      Beech sawdust based adsorbents for solid-phase extraction of pesticides and pharmaceuticals [1]
      Behavior of silicon carbide/cordierite composite material after cyclic thermal shock [1]
      Behavior of smart ballistic composite materials: Comparisons experimental results with numerical simulations [1]
      Behavior of sulfur-polymer matrix composites with different fillers under acid and salt influence [1]
      Behavior of the surviving population of Lactobacillus plantarum 564 upon the application of pulsed electric fields [1]
      Behaviour of lipase immobilized on Amberlite IRA-410 [1]
      Behaviour of nionikral-70 in low-cycle fatigue [1]
      Behaviour of non-standard composition copper bearing anodes from the copper refining process [1]
      Behaviour of small cracks during their propagation from Vickers indentations in coarse-grain steel: An experimental investigation [1]
      Benzilovanje N-fenil-2-fenilacetamida pomoću mikrotalasnog zračenja [1]
      Benzylation of N-benzyl-2-phenylacetamide [1]