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      Da li ste ikada razmišljali o molu i njegovom mestu u međunarodnom sistemu jedinica? [1]
      Damage analysis of particulate polymer composites based structure by using micro-meso-macro finite element approach [1]
      Damage behavior of orthopedic titanium alloys with martensitic microstructure during sliding wear in physiological solution [1]
      Damage detection in laminar thermoplastic composite materials by means of embedded optical fibers [1]
      Damage detection of hybrid aramid/metal-PVB composite materials using optical fiber sensors [1]
      Damage Level Estimate of API J55 Steel for Welded Seam Casing Pipes [1]
      Damage monitoring of composite laminates by means of intensity based fiberoptic sensors [1]
      Damaged welded pipes for oil and gas rigs exposed to internal pressure - Failure estimation [1]
      Dandelion seeds as a new and valuable source of bioactive extracts obtained using the supercritical fluid extraction technique [1]
      Danube and Sava river sediment monitoring in Belgrade and its surroundings [1]
      Deciduous tree leaves in trace elements biomonitoring: A contribution to methodology [1]
      Decolorization of anthraquinonic dyes from textile effluent using horseradish peroxidase: Optimization and kinetic study [1]
      Decolorization of four AZO dyes using water falling film DBD reactor [1]
      Decolorization of reactive textile dyes using water falling film dielectric barrier discharge [1]
      Decolorization of textile dye CI Basic Yellow 28 with electrochemically generated active chlorine [1]
      Decomposition of methomyl over supported iron catalysts [1]
      Decontamination of alkyd-carbamide paints on metals, contaminated by highly toxic compounds [1]
      Decopperization process of waste solutions from conventional copper electrolysis [1]
      Deep UV fluorescence imaging study of Candida albicans cells treated with gold-riboflavin hydrocolloids [1]
      Defect formation during synthesis and welding of silver nanowires for solar cell applications [1]