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      Wall effects on the velocities of a single sphere settling in a stagnant and counter-current fluid and rising in a co-current fluid [1]
      Wall-to-bed heat transfer in vertical hydraulic transport and in particulate fluidized beds [1]
      Wall-to-liquid mass transfer in fluidized beds and vertical transport of inert particles [1]
      Wash-dry cycle induced changes in low-ordered parts of regenerated cellulosic fibers [1]
      Washing and Desinfection of the Wells Type Reni [1]
      Waste Cotton and Cotton/Polyester Yarns as Adsorbents for Removal of Lead and Chromium from Wastewater [1]
      Waste from electrical and electronic equipment [1]
      Waste Jute Fabric as a Biosorbent for Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution [1]
      Waste Lard Methanolysis Catalyzed by KOH at Moderate Temperatures [1]
      Waste management in Serbia [1]
      Wastes from bioethanol and beer productions as substrates for L(+) lactic acid production - A comparative [1]
      Water and water resources in national environmental strategy of Serbia [1]
      Water jet technology used in medicine [1]
      Water Kefir grain as a source of potent dextran producing lactic acid bacteria [1]
      Water plus esters plus methanol: experimental data, correlation and prediction of surface and interfacial tensions at 303.15 K and atmospheric pressure [1]
      Water-induced isomerism of salicylaldehyde and 2-acetylpyridine mono- and bis-(thiocarbohydrazones) improves the antioxidant activity: spectroscopic and DFT study [1]
      Wear and corrosion behaviour of Ti-13Nb-13Zr and Ti-6Al-4V alloys in simulated physiological solution [1]
      Wear resistance and dynamic fracture toughness of hypoeutectic high-chromium white cast iron alloyed with niobium and vanadium [1]
      Weld metal tensile strength determined by testing flat micro tensile and round tensile specimens [1]
      Welded joint geometry effect on fatigue crack growth resistance in different metallic materials [1]