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      Fabrication and applications of multifunctional nanostructured TiO2 [2]
      Failure analysis of carbon steel screws under the service in the presence of corrosion environment [1]
      Failures of Brass Condenser Tubes [1]
      Failures of brass condenser tubes [1]
      Farmaceutski preparati i opojne droge kao kontaminirajuće supstance površinskih i otpadnih voda [1]
      Fatigue crack growth rate of a low carbon microalloyed steel for high temperatures [1]
      Fed-batch L-(+)-lactic acid fermentation of brewer's spent grain hydrolysate [1]
      Fermentative activity and viability of immobilized probiotic starter culture ABY-6 in whey based substrates [1]
      Fertilization biology of 'Reka' highbush blueberry [1]
      Fiberoptički i grafitni senzori za detektovanje pukotina u betonu [1]
      Field performance of micropropagated rubus species [1]
      First isolation of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from pigs' clinical samples in Serbia [1]
      Flame-Retardant, Antimicrobial, and UV-Protective Lignin-Based Multilayer Nanocoating [1]
      Flavonoid esters synthesis using novel biocatalytic systems - CAL B immobilized onto LifeTech (TM) ECR supports [1]
      Floating Photocatalyst Based on Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) Foam and TiO2 Nanoparticles for Removal of Textile Dyes [1]
      Flow in the tube: crosslinking of peroxidase from agricultural waste for dye removal in microtubular reactor [1]
      Flowering of 'Oblacinska' sour cherry clones in Serbia [1]
      Fluorescence analysis of liposomal membranes permeability [1]
      Fluorimetrijska analiza permeabilnosti lipozomalnih membrana [1]