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      Lactic acid bacteria: From food preservation to active packaging [1]
      Lactic acid production from corn cob [1]
      Lactic acid production on a combined distillery stillage and sugar beet molasses substrate [1]
      Lactic acid production on molasses enriched potato stillage by Lactobacillus paracasei immobilized onto agro-industrial waste supports [1]
      Landfill closure best available technique development: case study of Serbia [1]
      Landfill design in Serbia [1]
      Landfill design: need for improvement of water and soil protection requirements in EU Landfill Directive [1]
      Laser treatments of Nimonic 263 nickel-based superalloy [1]
      Laserske obrade superlegure Nimonik 263 [1]
      Leaching of metastannic acid from e-waste by-products [1]
      Leaching of toxic elements from secondary alkaline lead slag and stabilized/solidified products [1]
      Leaching properties of secondary lead slag stabilized/solidified with cement and selected additives [1]
      Leaves of common urban tree species (Aesculus hippocastanum, Acer platanoides, Betula pendula and Tilia cordata) as a measure of particle and particle-bound pollution: a 4-year study [1]
      Light and sex interplay: differential herbivore damage in sun and shade in dioecious Mercurialis perennis [1]
      Lignin degradation by selected fungal species [1]
      Lignin microspheres as a nature-based material for effective nickel(II) and cadmium(II) ions removal [1]
      Lignin-Degrading Abilities of Novel Autochthonous Fungal Isolates Trametes hirsuta F13 and Stereum gausapatum F28 [1]
      Lipase-Catalyzed Esterification of Phloridzin: Acyl Donor Effect on Enzymatic Affinity and Antioxidant Properties of Esters [1]
      Lipid nanocarriers for phytochemical delivery in foods [1]