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      QSAR characterization of new synthesized hydantoins with antiproliferative activity [1]
      QSRR prediction of the chromatographic retention behaviour of spirohydantoin derivatives [1]
      QSRR study of β-tetralino-spiro-5-hydantoin derivatives [1]
      Quality assurance of the Serbian national E-PRTR register reported data for large combustion plants [1]
      Quality attributes of a fermented whey-based beverage enriched with milk and a probiotic strain [1]
      Quality of Cotton and cotton/elastane Single Jersey Knitted Fabrics before and after Softening and in Situ Synthesis of Cu-based Nanoparticles [1]
      Quality of fermented whey beverage with milk [1]
      Quantitative Crystal Structure Analysis of A Selected Spirohydantoin Derivative [1]
      Quantitative structure – property relationship modeling of ESI response of aripiprazole and its impurities using machine learning methods [1]
      Quantitative structure – property relationship studies of liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry responsiveness of aripiprazole and its impurities using artificial neural networks [1]
      Quantitative Structure-Retention Relationships Modeling and Multivariate Data Analysis of Lipophilicity Data of New Spirohydantoin Derivatives [1]
      Quantum Generators in Theory and Practice 2022 [1]
      Raman spectroscopy study of anodic film on Ag43Cu37Zn20 alloy [1]
      Rapid cationic dye adsorption on polyphenol-extracted coffee grounds-A response surface methodology approach [1]
      Raspodela odabranih lekova i pesticida u sistemu voda-sediment [1]
      Raw kaolinitic-illitic clays for the production of refractory ceramics [1]
      Raw kaolinitic–illitic clays as high-mechanical-performance hydraulically pressed refractories [1]
      Razmnožavanje voćaka mikropropagacijom in vitro - ekonomska efikasnost primene [1]
      Razvoj hromatografske metode za određivanje tragova veštačkih zaslađivača u vodi [1]