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      Primary research data for the article: Stanišić, M. D., Popović Kokar, N., Ristić, P., Balaž, A. M., Ognjanović, M., Đokić, V. R., Prodanović, R.,& Todorović, T. R.. (2022). The Influence of Isoenzyme Composition and Chemical Modification on Horseradish Peroxidase@ZIF-8 Biocomposite Performance. in PolymersMDPI., 14(22), 4834. [1]
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      Supplementary data for the article: P.M. Batinić, V.B. Đorđević, S.I. Stevanović, B.D. Balanč, S.B. Marković, N.D. Luković, D.Ž. Mijin, B.M. Bugarski, Formulation and characterization of novel liposomes containing histidine for encapsulation of a poorly soluble vitamin, Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 2020, 59, 101920, doi: [1]
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      Supplementary material for the article: Abduarahman, M. A.; Vuksanović, M. M.; Milošević, M.; Egelja, A.; Savić, A.; Veličković, Z. ; Marinković, A. Mn-Fe Layered Double Hydroxide Modified CelluloseBased Membrane for Sustainable Anionic Pollutant Removal. Journal of Polymers and the Environment 2024. [1]
      Supplementary material for the article: Dimitrijević, S.; Milić, M.; Buntić, A.; Dimitrijević-Branković, S.; Filipović, V.; Popović, V. ; Salamon, I. Spent Coffee Grounds, Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria, and Medicinal Plant Waste: The Biofertilizing Effect of High-Value Compost. Sustainability 2024, 16(4), 1632. [1]
      Supplementary material for the article: Ivanović, T.; Popović, D. Ž.; Miladinović, J.; Miladinović, Z. P.; Rajaković-Ognjanović, V. N.; Pastor, F. ; Mladenović, A. Advanced thermodynamic approach to adsorption of charged adsorbates from aqueous electrolyte solutions. Journal of Molecular Liquids 2024, 397, 124097. [1]
      Supplementary material for the article: Ivanovska, A.; Milošević, M.; Lađarević, J.; Jankoska, M.; Matić, T.; Svirčev, Z. ; Kostić, M. A step towards tuning the jute fiber structure and properties by employing sodium periodate oxidation and coating with alginate. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2024, 257, 128668. [1]
      Supplementary material for the article: Kosić, V.; Božić, B.; Dojnov, B.; Banković, P.; Jović-Jovičić, N.; Knežević-Jugović, Z.; Milutinović-Nikolić, A. Significantly improved stabilization of glycoside hydrolases important in food industry by immobilization onto appropriately modified beidellite. Applied Clay Science 2024, 250, 107289. [1]
      Supplementary material for the article: Lazić, A. M.; Mašulović, A. D.; Lađarević, J. M.; Valentić, N. V. Assessing the pharmacological potential of selected xanthene derivatives. Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2023, 88(9), 811-824. [1]
      Supplementary material for the article: Ljubić, V.; Perendija, J.; Cvetković, S.; Rogan, J.; Trivunac, K.; Stojanović, M. ; Popović, M. Removal of Ni2+ ions from Contaminated Water by New Exopolysaccharide Extracted from K. oxytoca J7 as Biosorbent. Journal of Polymers and the Environment 2024, 32, 1105–1121. [1]
      Supplementary material for the article: Mancic, L.; Djukic-Vukovic, A.; Dinic, I.; Nikolic, M. G.; Rabasovic, M. D.; Krmpot, A. J.; Costa, A. M. L. M.; Trisic, D.; Lazarevic, M.; Mojovic, L.; et al. NIR Photo-Driven Upconversion in NaYF 4 :Yb,Er/PLGA Particles for in Vitro Bioimaging of Cancer Cells. Materials Science and Engineering C 2018, 91, 597–605. [1]
      Supplementary material for the article: Pavun, L.; Spasojević, D.; Ivanovska, A.; Lađarević, J.; Milenković, M. T. ; Uskoković-Marković, S. Characterization of tea water extracts and their utilization for dyeing and functionalization of fabrics of different chemical compositions. Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2023, 42(2). [1]
      Supplementary material for the article: Perović, M. N.; Knežević Jugović, Z. D.; Antov, M. G. Heat-induced nanoparticles from pumpkin leaf protein for potential application as β-carotene carriers. Future Foods 2024, 9, 100310. [1]
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      Supplementary material for the article: Simić, Z. V.; Radović, I. R.; Kijevčanin, M. Lj. Measurement and Correlation of Liquid–Liquid Equilibrium Data for Ternary Systems Water + C1–C3 Alcohols + Diethyl Adipate at 298.15 K and Atmospheric Pressure. Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 2024. [1]
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      Supporting information for the article: Vujančević, J., Andričević, P., Bjelajac, A., Đokić, V., Popović, M., Rakočević, Z., Horváth, E., Kollár, M., Náfrádi, B., Schiller, A., Domanski, K., Forró, L., Pavlović, V., Janaćković, Đ., 2019. Dry-pressed anodized titania nanotube/CH3NH3PbI3 single crystal heterojunctions: The beneficial role of N doping. Ceramics International 45, 10013–10020. [1]
      The initial characteristics of the polypyrrole based aqueous rechargeable batteries with supercapattery characteristics: Dataset [1]