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      A methodology for reactor synthesis based on process intensification concepts and application of optimization methods [1]
      Absorption properties enhancement of the photoanode with titanium dioxide nanotubes by deposition of cadmium sulfide via different techniques [1]
      Activity coefficients of ternary aqueous solutions of electrolytes with common potassium ion at T = 298.15 K. [1]
      Agricultural and industrial waste as a substrate for cellulase and amylase production by novel bacterial strain Paenibacillus chitinolyticus CKS1. [1]
      Agro-industrial waste as a substrate for production of lactic acid, microbial biomass and animal feed [1]
      Agro-industrijski otpad kao supstrat za proizvodnju mlečne kiseline, mikrobne biomase i hrane za životinje [1]
      Alkaline lead in an innovative recycling process with pretreatment, stabilization and solidification [1]
      Antimicrobial activity of surface activated sorbents modified by metal ions [1]
      Antimirkobno dejstvo površinskih aktiviranih sorbenata modifikovanih jonima metala [1]
      Application of dextran from lactic acid bacteria for silver nanoparticles synthesis and edible coating production [1]
      Application of nonlinear frequency response method for investigation of equlibrium and kinetics of gas-solid adsorption [1]
      Application of supercritical carbon dioxide in fabrication of materials with repellent properties based on pyrethrins [1]
      Application of the biomimetic bioreactors in design and characterization of novel biomaterials for tissue engineering [1]
      Bezotpadna tehnologija prerade ploda kleke (Juniperus communis L.) [1]
      Brzina tečnosti u dvofaznim i trofaznim pneumatskim reaktorima sa spoljašnjom cirkulacijom [1]
      Bubrenje biljnog materijala pod uticajem natkritičnog ugljenik(IV)-oksida - matematičko modelovanje i optimizacija procesa natkritične ekstrakcije [1]
      Catalytic and non-catalytic methanolysis of triglycerides: Reaction kinetic and process simulation [1]
      Characterisation and incapsulation of biologically active components from Fungi handkea utriformis (bull.) kreisel, Handkea excipuliformis (bull.) Kreisel and Vascellum pratense (pers.) Kreisel [1]
      Characterization and application of natural hydrogels for encapsulation of probiotic starter culture [1]
      Chemico-structural properties and biomineralization of hydroxyapatite coatings produced by high power laminar plasma spray process. [1]