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      Magneto-Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Nd-Fe-B-Epoxy-Bonded Composite Materials [1]
      Manganese-pyromellitate complex as a precursor for preparation of spinel Mn3O4 [1]
      Mape rizika za zdravlje i bezbednost na radu u industriji [1]
      Mass spectra of selected artificial sweeteners [1]
      Mathematical - Physical Model of Solving Inventive Problems [1]
      Mathematical modeling of silver release from antimicrobial nanocomposite Ag/alginate microbeads [1]
      Matrix resistance stress reduction-prerequisite for achieving higher concentration of immobilized cells [1]
      Measurement and Correlation of Liquid–Liquid Equilibrium Data for Ternary Systems Water + C1–C3 Alcohols + Diethyl Adipate at 298.15 K and Atmospheric Pressure [1]
      Measurement methods for residual stresses in CWR [1]
      Measurement of Sleepers Vibrations and Determination of Their Dynamic Deflection and Train Velocity [1]
      Mechanical and corrosion properties of AA5083 alloy sheets produced by accumulative roll bonding (ARB) and conventional cold rolling (CR) [1]
      Mechanical and structural characteristics of atmospheric plasma-sprayed multifunctional tio2 coatings [1]
      Mechanical and structural features of Nb coating layers deposited on steel substrates in a vacuum chamber [1]
      Mechanical characterization of surface modified Ti-based alloy before and after severe plastic deformation [1]
      Mechanical properties and bioactivity of scaffolds based on calcium phosphates doped with Mg2+, Sr2+ and F- ions and coated with chitosan [1]
      Mechanical properties and microstructure of molybdenum coating layers deposited vacuum plasma spray process [1]
      Mechanical properties and microstructure of the ZrO25CaO/NiCrAl coating system [1]
      Mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance of anorthite ceramics obtained by slip casting [1]
      Mechanical properties of acrylate matrix composite reinforced with manganese-aluminum layered double hydroxide [1]