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      Macrophages, the main marker in biocompatibility evaluation of new hydrogels after subcutaneous implantation in rats [1]
      Macroporous and non-porous amino-functionalized glycidyl methacrylate based copolymers for hexavalent chromium sorption [1]
      Magneli phase titanium oxides as catalyst support - Electrochemical behavior of Ebonex/Pt catalysts [1]
      Magnetic behaviour of hybrid magnetic composite materials [1]
      Magnetic properties of ND Rich Melt-Spun ND-FE-B alloy [1]
      Magnetno ponašanje hibridnih magnetnih kompozitnih materijala [1]
      Maja Levi-Jakšić: Strateški menadžment tehnologije - inovacije, menadžment i preduzetništvo, Fakultet organizacionih nauka, Beograd, 2001 [1]
      Maltose-mediated, long-term stabilization of freeze- and spray-dried forms of bovine and porcine hemoglobin [1]
      Manganese electrodeposition from urea-rich electrolyte [1]
      Manganese-containing silica-based microporous molecular sieve MnS-1: Synthesis and characterization [1]
      Manifestations of dynamic strain ageing in 2090 Al-Li alloy [1]
      Mapping of hemoglobin in erythrocytes and erythrocyte ghosts using two photon excitation fluorescence microscopy [1]
      Marangoni effect and cell spreading [1]
      Maseno spektrometrijsko ispitivanje stabilnosti površine staklastog karbona oksidovanog ugljen-dioksidom ili kiseonikom [1]
      Mass and momentum transfer in packed beds of spherical inert particles [1]
      Mass spectrometric investigations of some N‐cycloalkyl and N‐aryl fluoroacetamides [1]
      Mass spectrometric production of heterogeneous metal clusters using knudsen cell [1]
      Mass spectrometric study of glassy carbon surface stability [1]
      Mass spectrometric study of some 4-pyrimidine carboxylic acids [1]
      Mass transfer and concentration boundary layer in a particulate fluidized bed [1]