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      Tailor-made ligands for biocompatible nanoparticles [1]
      Tailored Adhesion Properties of Acrylate Adhesives on Al Alloys by the Addition of Mn-Al-LDH [1]
      Tailoring of advanced poly(lactic acid)-based materials: A review [1]
      Tailoring of magnetite powder properties for enhanced phosphate removal: Effect of PEG addition in the synthesis process [1]
      Tailoring self-ordering TiO2 nanotube arrays by oxidative anodization [1]
      Tailoring the corrosion resistance of Zn-Mn coating by electrodeposition from deep eutectic solvents [1]
      Tailoring the physico-chemical and antimicrobial properties of agar-based films by in situ formation of Cu-mineral phase [1]
      Tailoring the properties of waterborne polyurethanes by incorporating different content of poly(dimethylsiloxane) [1]
      Targeting and design of industrial zone waste heat reuse for combined heat and power generation [1]
      Targeting and Design of Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for Multiple Heat Sources with Simultaneous Working Fluid Selection [1]
      Targeting heat recovery and reuse in industrial zone [1]
      Tautomerism in 8-(phenyldiazenyl)quinolin-5-ol: An attempt for pH activated rotary switch [1]
      Technetium-99m labeling of hippuric and p-amino-hippuric acid in the presence of DTPA: Biological and pharmacokinetic evaluation and comparison with Tc-99m-DTPA [1]
      Techno-economic analysis of unsaturated polyester production from waste PET [1]
      Techno-economic optimization of energy supply of a livestock farm [1]
      Technological characterization of lactic acid bacteria isolated from Radan’s cheese [1]
      Technological possibilities and justification of electro-contact rapairing [1]
      Technologically Sustainable Route for Metals Valorization from Jarosite-PbAg Sludge [1]
      Tehno-ekonomska analiza proizvodnje nezasićenih poliestara iz otpadnog PET-a [1]
      Tehno-ekonomska optimizacija snabdevanja energijom farmi stoke [1]